17th of July 2018
In focus
Training in Times of Crisis
Training budgets are among the first items affected by cost cutting measures (article in Spanish)


Durante las crisis económicas los presupuestos de Formación son una de las primeras partidas del presupuesto en ser afectadas por los recortes de gastos. La falta de información precisa acerca del retorno sobre la inversión en Formación y Entrenamiento hace difícil defend

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Learning Design
We apply five principles when designing a course.

Practice on real tasks
Learning requires practice, not study. Carrying out a real task, learning by doing, is enjoyable and helps learners to understand more and retain more effectively. It is practice and experience which adds to our knowledge. At 'learningworks', we are experts at creating experiences.

Realistic case stories
We use stories as the center of the educational experience because of their excellent potential as tools for learning. Proximity to real situations helps to improve recall and facilitate transfer, as well as increase the emotional impact on learners.

Goal based scenarios
Setting goals motivates learners, and a motivated learner is alert, focused on the task and ready to learn. The specific, tangible goals of our activities match real life on the job deliverables and foster individualized learning.

Theory put into practice
For learners to understand why a theory is important and understand how to apply it correctly, they should learn it by applying it in a practical context.

Learning from mistakes
We all learn from our mistakes. Since nobody does everything right the first time, our courses are designed to tolerate learner mistakes and use them to provoke reflection and learning. By looking for the cause of a mistake, learners break with pre-conceptions, increase curiosity and understand the consequences of the error. All of this takes place in a controlled environment that protects from the effects the same error would provoke in a real life work situation. Learners are also provided with the resources necessary to correct the mistake and reach the desired result.