21st of June 2018
In focus
Training in Times of Crisis
Training budgets are among the first items affected by cost cutting measures (article in Spanish)


Durante las crisis económicas los presupuestos de Formación son una de las primeras partidas del presupuesto en ser afectadas por los recortes de gastos. La falta de información precisa acerca del retorno sobre la inversión en Formación y Entrenamiento hace difícil defend

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Results Guaranteed: We measure project ROI.
At 'learningworks', we strive to align the performance and effort of people with the goals of the organization in order to get the desired results.

Because we're convinced of the value of this approach, we've developed some basic principles that guide our work and that we use to guarantee the success of our projects:

1. We always start with a specific, quantified business problem.

2. Our solutions are focused on the solution to the specific business problem. They consist of specific actions aimed at resolving the business problem.

3. Learners in our courses are active, and they practice the specific behaviors that they'll have to use on the job first thing tomorrow.

4. We are obsessed with guaranteeing the transfer of learning to the job.

5. For all these reasons, results can be tracked directly and are measurable, allowing us to establish a model for determining follow up actions and measuring the return on investment.