21st of June 2018
In focus
Training in Times of Crisis
Training budgets are among the first items affected by cost cutting measures (article in Spanish)


Durante las crisis económicas los presupuestos de Formación son una de las primeras partidas del presupuesto en ser afectadas por los recortes de gastos. La falta de información precisa acerca del retorno sobre la inversión en Formación y Entrenamiento hace difícil defend

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Innovation and Technology
Technology is a tool to be used for a specific purpose, not an end in itself.

At 'learningworks' we make a distinction between learning solutions and technological solutions. They are not the same, and we offer the former. Today's technological advances will be out of date tomorrow, but people are not going to change the way they really learn. That's why we don't tie ourselves permanently to a specific technology. This allows us to adapt our solutions to our clients' specific needs using the most appropriate technology available.

So we won't make a recommendation to use a particular technology until after we've determined the specific needs and nature of the learning challenges of an organization. And we can recommend the best solution for each situation because we're always abreast of the latest innovations in technology.