21st of June 2018
In focus
Training in Times of Crisis
Training budgets are among the first items affected by cost cutting measures (article in Spanish)


Durante las crisis económicas los presupuestos de Formación son una de las primeras partidas del presupuesto en ser afectadas por los recortes de gastos. La falta de información precisa acerca del retorno sobre la inversión en Formación y Entrenamiento hace difícil defend

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What we think
The latest trends and pre-conceived ideas are not for us.

The base of our work is cognitive science and good management practice, correctly tested and efficiently implemented. How do people really learn on the job and in their other areas of endeavor? At 'learningworks', we are convinced that people learn best when they are motivated, when they participate in a compelling experience and must make an effort, and when they must identify and manage their mistakes.

For this type of learning to produce the results desired, it must be aligned with organizational goals.