17th of July 2018
In focus
Training in Times of Crisis
Training budgets are among the first items affected by cost cutting measures (article in Spanish)


Durante las crisis económicas los presupuestos de Formación son una de las primeras partidas del presupuesto en ser afectadas por los recortes de gastos. La falta de información precisa acerca del retorno sobre la inversión en Formación y Entrenamiento hace difícil defend

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Scenario Centered Curriculum (SCC)
People use stories to organize, communicate and remember their experiences. This idea is fundamental to the method developed by Roger Schank and his team of designing courses and educational materials that guarantee learning through practice in simulated experiences (learning by doing).

Reliable methodology

In contrast to traditional programs, which are passive and focused on subject matter, a Scenario Centered Curriculum offers an experience equivalent to learning a trade: learners must face a well planned series of real situations (scenarios) in a significant, motivating role. Within these scenarios, they must carry out precisely those tasks, activities and reasoning processes that are best suited for building the desired skills.

This way, learners see why a certain skill or knowledge is useful for facing the problem presented in the scenario on their own, and individualized learning tailored to each one's needs is guaranteed.

Efficient architecture

A program based on the SCC architecture comprises:

  • A scenario: Simulation of an authentic situation. Motivational and content rich, our scenarios provide a coherent context for individual and collective learning.

  • A sequence of planned tasks. Framed within the scenario, these allow the learner to practice the key behaviors targeted in the training and, as a result, learn them.

  • A structured suite of complementary learning resources: These include work procedures, models to be used, job-aids, workplace tools, glossaries, etc.

  • Access to a mentor: Online or in person, to obtain feedback and help precisely when it's necessary to reinforce learning.